The Ultimate Guide to Packing: Top Resources for Your Next Trip

Ready to embark on your next journey but dread the packing process? Check out our curated list of the best packing list guides and tutorials to make your life easier!

Packing for a trip can often feel like a daunting task. From deciding what to take and what to leave behind, to ensuring you've got essentials for all weather conditions, packing can be a bit of a puzzle. But fret not! Here's a compilation of the best sites that offer packing list guides and tutorials to make your life easier and your luggage smarter.

General Packing Lists

  1. PackPoint: A free app that customizes your packing list based on your destination, the length of your trip, and activities you plan to do. A must-have for anyone who wants a tailor-made list!
  2. SmarterTravel: Provides comprehensive packing lists for various types of vacations - from beach getaways to adventure trips. Their Ultimate Packing List is a life-saver!

Backpacking and Adventure Trips

  1. The Broke Backpacker: An in-depth guide for backpackers that covers essentials, clothing, gear, and even tips on how to pack light.
  2. REI Co-op: Their 'Intro to Backpacking' series includes an excellent guide to what to pack for your backcountry adventure.

Family and Kids

  1. Travel Mamas: Their family-friendly packing lists cover everything you'll need when traveling with children.
  2. Family Vacation Critic: Offers packing lists tailored for family vacations, including baby essentials and activities to keep the kids entertained.

Business Travel

  1. The Points Guy: A comprehensive list that addresses the specific needs of business travelers, including tech gear and attire.
  2. Travel Fashion Girl: Offers advice on how to keep your packing minimalistic yet professional for business travel.

Weather-Specific Guides

  1. Her Packing List: Features guides for packing based on weather conditions, so whether you’re heading to a tropical island or a wintry escape, they’ve got you covered.
  2. The Savvy Backpacker: Offers guides for packing for Europe across all seasons, so you can be prepared no matter when you go.

YouTube Tutorials

  1. Vagabrothers: Their "How to Pack a Carry-On" guide is both entertaining and informative.
  2. Tangerine Travels: Provides real-world packing tips based on their own travels, ideal for both short trips and long-term travel.

Whether you’re a travel novice or a seasoned globetrotter, these resources offer valuable insights into the art of packing. From general packing lists to weather-specific guidelines, these guides ensure you'll have everything you need for your next adventure. So go ahead, dive into these resources and pack like a pro!

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